Love Life Infinity

Lofe Live#4

Lofe Live#4

You are the author of your LIFE, do you agree with it?

For me, I couldn’t agree anymore.

During our childhood, parent helped us to make decision.

And, we just followed them faithfully and obediently.

As we gradually growing up, we started to realize that we need to make our own decision somehow.

And, we learned that sometime we will make wrong decision.

Discouragement and disappointment may come and consume our courage to make decision.

Despite these, we stand up again to overcome them.

As we grow more mature, we discover that wrong decision eventually lead us to make right decision.

With no apologies and excuses, we write down every page of our life.

With no one to blame and complain, we appreciate every moment we are living now.

We all have a gift,

a gift to make our own life decision.

It’s an amazing journey,

Yet we ourselves are responsible for the quality of it.

You are the author of your life.

Dare to make decision in your Life.

Love Life.Cheers!


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