Love Life Infinity

Love Life#6

Love Life#6

There is always something good in our every day’s life,
the problem is we lack of the heart to discover the good.

Every day, we see, listen, talk, write, and think,
whether by emotion or rationale,
sometime we are deceived by the pattern of the world.

We are taught to be the best,
to get result with flying colors,
to excel in our career,
to be superior among peer,
to get number one in any competition.

These are good, but most of us forgot the true purpose of why we want to get into all these activities.

We start to become busy, competitive, jealous, stressed, depressed and etc.
Gradually, we do not find any happiness or good in our life.
Our heart is contaminated and become impure.

In order to get rid of these, we need to learn to see, listen and do thing by our heart.
We need to learn to discover good thing by our heart in our daily life.
We need to have a heart to see the beauty of this world although sometime the world does not appear as that.

Once you discover good by heart, you will discover your life is different.

Let’s Love Life together. Cheers!


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