Love Life Infinity

Love Life#7

Love Life#7

Have you ever been worried before?
What’s your feeling when you are worrying?
What’re you thinking when you are worrying?
How often the things you were worrying happened at last?
Are there other thing can be done instead of worrying?

Yeah, I have to admit that sometime I will worry and even do not aware that I was worrying.
Normally I am worry because there is fear inside my heart.
The fear of couldn’t finish the work on time, fear of worst situation would happen, fear of how other will think on me and yet anything could be a reason for me to fear.
No doubt, when I am worry, i would have all kind of negative thoughts which linger inside my mind.
When I choose to continue on despite the worry, I found out the results always weren’t as worst as what I was worrying.
And I was kinda relieve after the incident happened or the work finished.
Well, it’s normal for someone to worry but it’s serious if someone worries everyday and even does not aware he/she is worrying.
Because it can reduce our effectiveness and oppress our potential.

There are some tips you can do instead of worry.

1) Leave your current place and walk around somewhere else to take some fresh air to refresh your mind.

2) Write down what you are worrying and declare loudly that they are not real because they not yet happen.

3) Talk to someone who can make you laugh.

4) Watch comedy movie or comic.

5) Think of some funny things that would happen instead of bad thing.

6) Sleep to get your mind rest.

7) Exercise, somehow it can reduce your worry.

8) Listen to your favorite music.

9) Pray.

10) Do some funny or crazy things.

11) Go out to get in touch with the beauty of nature.

12) Find yourselves a reason to give thank or to be happy.

13) Draw whatever you like.

14) Sing or scream as loud as you can.(make sure no one is around you)

15) Eat snack/chocolate/candy.

16) Look into mirror and tell yourselves that you are good enough.

17) Think of some past incident which didn’t turn out as what you worried before.

18) Think of someone(African, refugee) who couldn’t enjoy a life as yours.

It’s a gradual process to overcome our fear and worry in our life. The only thing we can do is to fight them persistently in order to achieve a better life.
There are always at least two side of thinking, think of the positive side rather than the negative one.
Once you practise it, you will realize your life is different.

Let’s fight our fear and worry together.
Love Life. cheers!


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