Love Life Infinity

Love Life#10

Love Life#10

Do you believe there is power in positivity?

I do believe.

The power here doesn’t mean supernatural or extraordinary power,
it simply means the strength to endure in times of trouble.

Maybe you will wonder how does it works?

Well, it starts with our thinking.

A positive thought carries influence and same goes to negative thought.

The influence will be reflected on our action, and changes in action will change our circumstances.

Positive thought is like nutrition, which nurture our body.

Negative thought is like poison, which rotten our body.

If we want our body to be healthier, then we need to have nutrition.

Same, if we want our life to be better, we need to have positive thought.

The world says your are weak, positivity says you are strong.

The world says you should give up, positivity says you should try one more time.

The world says it’s impossible, positivity says you are possible.

The world says your idea is bad, positivity says your idea is good, let give it a chance to happen.

The world says there is no hope, positivity says the hope is awaiting

The world says you can’t change the world, positivity says you could do some difference to the world.

The world says your dream is silly, positivity says no dream is silly, it’s a matter of you dare to dream or not.

Posiitivity doesn’t change the things, but it changes you in order to change the things.

Hence, let’s practise to think positively, and you can make a difference in your life.

Let’s Love Life together. Cheers!


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