Love Life Infinity

Love Life#12

Love Life#12

What move you to achieve great success in life?

What motivate you to continue on although others look down to you?

What make you to try and try when you have failed numerous times?

What make you get excited when doing thing?

It is nonetheless, PASSION.

Yeah, different people may has different passion in achieving their dreams and success.

For me, I am passionate toward LIFE.

I have a burden to help those who are in hunger and poverty.

This push me to learn and equip myself so that I may well prepared to reaching out my hand to them.

And I always believe that I will achieve it somehow some day in my LIFE.

How about you?

Have you found your passion in LIFE?

If yes, encourage you to continue to hold on your passion, and believe it will bring you to your dream.

Find your passion,

and Love Life together. Cheers!


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One thought on “Love Life#12

  1. Thank you for liking my blog post on success. I like your positive attitude!

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