Love Life Infinity

Love Life#16

Love Life#16

In fact, one’s need will never be satisfied if he/she doesn’t embrace Gratitude.

For example, when you say you want to have $10,000, after you get it then you will say you want to have $100,000 and so on.

It’s lack of gratitude which turns us to be more demanding for something we don’t really need.

For the poor, if they can get 3 meals a day then they will be very happy and satisfy with it.

Actually, it’s the others-have-I-also-want-to-have attitude which loosen and shaken our hold on gratitude.

The fear of losing to someone else makes us to want to be superior than others in term of achievements and material things.

For example, others have i-phone, then I also want the latest version i-phone, though I just bought my phone not more than 1 year.

Others went to vacation at Europe countries, then I also want to travel to there, though my salary is just average.

With constantly dwell in this attitude, we start to lose our inner happiness, and the worst is we are lost.

Then, we start to make a lot of complains about unfairness in life, make a lot of accuses for our mistakes, we start to not to appreciate life.

This eventually creates massive problems in life.

Hence, to prevent this situation to happen, we need to re-learn and re-embrace gratitude, just like when we were child, we were simply satisfied with just a candy from parent.

So, let’s re-learn and re-embrace Gratitude starts from today,

and Live Life, Love Life together, Cheers!


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