Love Life Infinity

Love Life#20

Love Life#20

Personally, I do believe every challenges in our life is to mold us to be

a new creature who is greater than the person yesterday.

I also do believe, in order to get the best out of life,

we have to go through some of the worst.

For example, it’s fair and just, an Olympic athlete got a gold medal and

maybe it’s the best moment in his/her life. But we never know and

understand what kind of hardships and pains he/she has gone through.

It’s the same about life, we may envy that other’s life is far more better

than us, but we never put ourselves into their shoes, that what kind of

troubles and suffers they had overcame before they are living a good

What doesn’t kill you make you stronger.

All we need to do is to be STRONG.

Let’s Live Life and Love Life together. Cheers!


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