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Love Life#22

Love Life#22

Everyone faces insecurity in life, the only difference is it’s severity.

Some may have insecurity in relationship, not willing to expose their vulnerable side to others,

Some may have insecurity in self-esteem, always think of how others will look at them,

Some may have insecurity in self-ability, always think that they can’t achieve great things in life.

Insecure people basically have difficulties in relationship, easily become victim of fear, hard to socialize with people who are better than them, and often be over-controlled emotionally.

Honestly, I do have insecurity, and I am easily fear for nothing reason and can’t relate well with people who are egoistic and insecure.

Why do people feel insecure can be traced back from childhood time. How did parents raise up their children determines what kind of beings their children will be. Family which lack of love and encouragement is always a factor why people feel insecure.

What steps can people take to handle insecurity?

Step 1: Answer the following questions in your journal:

a. What behavior traits signal my insecurity?
b. What happened in my past to make me insecure?
c. What are some of my beliefs that account for my insecurity?
d. What are some negative consequences I’ve experienced due to my insecurity?
e. What behavior traits do I need to develop in order to overcome my insecurity?

Step 2: After identifying your insecurity, how can you handle it? Answer the following questions in your journal:

a. What substitute behavior traits could I develop that would indicate security in myself?
b. What are some positive consequences of exhibiting such secure behavior traits in my life?
c. What are some rational beliefs I must develop in order to exhibit secure behavior in my life?
d. How will my life change if I exhibit secure behavior?
e. What is my action plan to develop security in my life?
f. What obstacles stand in the way of my executing this action plan?
g. How can I overcome the obstacles to my development of self-confidence and security?

Step 3: Implement the plan of action in Step 2. Keep a log in your journal as you go through each stage of handling your insecurity.

Try to share your feeling to your close friends or elders whom you can put your trust on and get some advice and encouragement from them.
It’s take time to recover but once we are free from it, we shall see breakthroughs in our life.

So let’s deal with our insecurity today.

Let’s Live Life and Love Life together. Cheers!

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